Where I am now, what I’ve done recently, and all that

So this won’t be a wordy update – just an update on my recent works. It has been a busy few months, though it hasn’t felt like it.

  • My debut album – also my last under the name Smudgeon – was released in June. It’s available digitally via my Bandcamp as PWYW, or a limited edition cassette via Akashic Envoy Records.
  • Under the moniker Idacarabus, I had a track included on the cassette-only Akashic Envoy compilation “Transmissions From The Aetheric Plane“. I have a new Bandcamp page for this project including my track from the compilation, expect more releases to appear in the future.
  • As Fjaeldmark, I had a track included on the latest Dungeons And Catacombs compilation. This project is trad dungeon synth, and I am planning a split release with a good friend of mine in the coming months.
  • I contributed a Guelph Basin track to The Dark Outside, a 24-hour radio transmission from London’s Epping Forest as part of the Waltham Forest Festival. The nature of this radio transmission is ephemeral, so if you weren’t there to listen, you’ll have to wait for a bit to hear my track.
  • The Guelph Basin is also preparing a release on (you guessed it) Akashic Envoy in the coming months. I am excited about this release, as I feel it is a coherent, consistent artistic vision and some of the best work I have done.
  • I have recently begun to explore voice more in my works. I’ve used voice before, but usually disguised, distorted, buried to the point it no longer sounds human. Analyse that, Freud. However, I am coming to terms with the idea of being more explicit in my meaning and using my voice – figuratively, and literally – to project that. It’ll be a learning process, but exploration is my thing so I’ll see where it takes me.

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