Smudgeon: Numbers

So recently, I found myself back in Audacity, making noises and figuring things out.

One of the things I discovered about myself is that being creative, putting noises together to create feelings, moods, responses – this helps me organise my thoughts better. A lot of clutter lives in my mind. Sometimes, putting sound down helps me to clear up, to clarify, and to get my own thoughts in order.

Who I am

Australian-born, Berlin-based. Artistic dilettante. Comfortably introverted. Music, movie and TV fan. Sometime gamer. Spent a lot of time in dark rooms at university.

Loves: my wife, my son, my cat, forests, silence.
Unloves: wankers, filter coffee, loudness.

What I’m listening to:
What I’m reading:


I’ve been making music since 1998, since 2005 under the name Smudgeon. You can find links here:

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